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3 people in the "Tianhe" have been in the past January to work two incorrectly

The brightest star in the night sky, have you seen it? In the past few days, China Space Station Day and core cabin frequently transit, attracting all local astronomical enthusiasts to observe, shoot, take a look at the bright figure.

In the day and core cabin, three Chinese astronauts have lived and working in the process of nearly one month, and there is more and more feelings in the core cabin; the first outstanding event is a complete success, A series of techniques breakthrough in the amazing and Hellip; & hellip; fitness facilities are very complete, and a video of a Astronaut decoration space station health zone, making people more interest in space life. In the video, the astronaut Nie Haisheng, Liu Buming and Yang Hongbo carefully studied the installation instructions, personally got up to engage in the decoration, and assemble the facilities of the health zone in place. From the essential health zone, independent sleep zone, to each characteristic exercise area and the dining area, the tanks of the dining area, the Tianhe core cabin have increased from 15 cubic meters of Tiangong No.1 to the whole station 110 cubic meters.

In the fitness area, there are space bicycles, space runners, anti-imperercucting devices, etc. in the core cabin. Unlike the treadmill on the ground, the space running will add gravity simulation device to apply a certain pressure to restraint on the treadmill. In this way, astronauts can exercise in an environment equivalent to normal gravity, both exercise both skeletal muscle, can also effectively have a series of impacts that have lost weight to the human body by oppressing the reconstruction of bones. Space bicycles can increase the heart rate threshold of astronauts by increasing the movement state of intermittent or sprint, increase the ability to regulate cardiovascular.

At the time of the brake, the astronauts need to wear a dedicated respirator to strengthen the heart and lung function, and there are special upper limb exercise mode devices to increase the whole body exercise.

It is important in terms of the Earth and in space, science and fitness. In the space station returned the video, Nie Haisheng after 15 minutes of running space, off gravity simulator, calf massage to ease muscle fatigue.

In their daily life care, physical exercise, regular monitoring, maintaining and assess their health status, it is one of the important tasks of the astronauts. It is understood that each day the astronauts need to exercise for about two hours to prevent cardiovascular dysfunction, bone demineralization, muscle atrophy and other space sickness.

Lifestyle very earth in terms of space food, day and core cabin is equipped with over 120 kinds of meat and vegetables, nutritional balance, variety, good taste, long shelf life in space food.

Breakfast bread and porridge, as well radish sauce, stewed quail eggs and other food; lunch fried rice, pork chops, potatoes, beef soup, as well as specialty food dumplings; dinner tuna, lettuce, mushrooms & hellip; & hellip; plus fruit, chocolate, biscuits and other food supplement, do not worry about astronauts in space, enough to eat, eat well. In addition, the dining area equipped with heated food, drinking water and refrigeration equipment, as well as folding tables, to facilitate the astronauts to eat.

In a video recently released, many people follow the three astronauts eat in space had a handful of broadcast addiction. Space station design separate sleeping areas, to ensure that the astronauts undisturbed, enjoy a relatively high-quality sleep. While still I want to rest in a sleeping bag, but the astronauts did not have to sleep standing as before, but you can feel at ease to sleep lying down. In addition to some of the specific tasks to be completed at night, rest mostly consistent with the astronauts on Earth.

China’s manned space program chief designer of the astronaut system Huangwei Fen said, 8:00 in the morning to go to work the ground staff, the astronauts have to communicate the work plan for the day at that time.

Every night before eighty-nine from get off work, the world will routinely communicate on the same day and work tomorrow. Bathing in space is also a problem. Although the same can not be like a shower on Earth, bubble bath, but the astronauts can be heated wet towel to wipe the body. Shampoo shower cap put on his head, rub with disposable cleaning shampoo. Meanwhile, inside the space station as well as a wrap-in shower, where astronauts can wash the body with a gun and wipe clean. When his spare time, astronauts rest of life is also colorful. Inside the space station to achieve full coverage of the mobile WiFi, creating a smart home’s living space. Each astronaut has a hand-held terminal can be used to adjust cabin lighting environments, such as sleep mode, operating mode, sports mode via individual needs, changes in the regulation of mood through the cabin lights to avoid a long time in the environment brought monotony to the discomfort.

In addition, the astronauts also video calls, and instant access to the mobile terminal, network and enjoy living in the space station.

World communications convenient July 4, after about seven hours of spacewalk, the astronauts take the group successfully perform a given task during the spacewalk, space station marks the first phase of astronaut extravehicular activity a success. Whether extravehicular activity or space station within working life, are inseparable from the close cooperation outside the cabin and vigorous cooperation between heaven and earth. In particular extravehicular activities, the timely establishment of the high-speed communication link with the ground is particularly important, this is a big test for the day and the space station core module and the ground control station between communication capabilities. Aerospace Science and Technology Group developed the third generation of the five branches of the relay terminal products, through a relay satellite Tianlian II and the days of chain link trunking to achieve relay communications to ensure the smooth flow of real-time communication with the astronauts and the ground, ground and built like a relay satellite in space, Tin Road between relay satellites and astronauts. Relay terminal station with other types biggest difference is that in the design, in order to ensure a long life in use of the rail, the rail requires maintainability.

To this end, the space station relay terminal uses an integrated, modular design ideas, to ensure the transmission signal quality at the same time, easy maintenance and replacement astronauts.

Compared with the previous generation system, the product has a longer distance communication, higher communication rates, longer working life and other characteristics, but also has more space environment when anti-electromagnetic interference capability, and support for more than astronaut extravehicular activity while the call feature. Mechanical arm to force in extravehicular activities, the space station core module manipulator striking ability astronauts and robotic arm work has been displayed in extravehicular activity.

Manipulator is the core module of similar complexity of aerospace products in the highest, largest and most accurate control of spatial intelligence mechanical systems, is mainly responsible for translocation cabin, astronaut extravehicular activities, cargo handling extravehicular, EVA status check, cabin outside the large-scale equipment maintenance, such as eight in-orbit mission.

Chinese space station core module manipulator developed length in meters, can carry a maximum weight of 25 tons, the space station is in Hercules. As new areas of China’s space industry development, researchers in key technologies, selection of raw materials in the development process, manufacturing processes, adapt to the environment of the space station design aspects, such as long-life breakthrough and innovation, all 上海嘉定kb油压 the core components to achieve localization. According to experts, set up three robotic arm shoulder joints, elbows set up a joint, wrist set up three joints, each joint corresponding to a degree of freedom, just like a human arm in general, has seven degrees of freedom of activity.

By rotating each joint of the robotic arm and enables crawl around before and after their operations at any angle and position, 宝山油压店 provide a strong guarantee for the smooth conduct spacewalk mission astronauts.

To expand the reach of mission, space station core module also has a robotic arm manipulator using the core module function creep shoulder elbow 1 + 3 + 3 configuration scheme wrist, shoulder and wrist joints the same configuration, which means that both ends of the robot arm activity function is the same.

By the robot arm end effector and target adapter docking and separation, in conjunction with the joint movement of the joint, thereby achieving transfer of crawling on the pods. (Source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition).