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Taking the case as the approval |

"The defendant’s rock is more than four years in prison, and sentenced a penalty of $ 600,000; it is sentenced to three years in prison.

A number of crimes and punishment, decided to implement a period of imprisonment and penalty of six hundred thousand yuan.

The illegal income is confiscated according to law. "On December 28, 2020, the People’s Court of the Mojiang Hani Autonomous County of Pu’er City, Yunnan Province made a judgment.

After the appeal, Yanwen Harm put forward the appeal, the Pu’er Intermediate People’s Court made the final trial ruling on March 18, 2021: dismissed the appeal and maintained the original judgment. Rock Wenhan, once served as the Vice Examinetor of Jinghong City People’s Procuratorate in Yunnan Province, the Secondary Prosecutor, the 12th CPPCC member of the Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, representatives of the 12th National People’s Congress.

In April 2020, Jinghong Municipal Supervision Committee supervised the surveillance of rock.

Rock Wimbled in the Xishuangbanna Prefecture an ordinary Dai family.

In 1988, the 18-year-old rock is working in Jinghong City People’s Procuratorate, although it is not professional, but he has made a solid business context; with the local language, the environment is very familiar The advantage, has accumulated rich experience in grassroots cases, which became a small local "handling expert".

Because of its prominent performance, 35-year-old rock is in the procurator position, directly submitted to the deputy inspectors, and is a deputy receipt of the local inspectors that have no departmental responsible person. At the beginning of the work, Ji Wenhan took the family to do business, opened the karaoke, the game chamber, video hall, billiard room, dry tape rent, liquefied gas transport, sold fresh beer, what can make money, he must Try it, business is getting windy.

After serving as Deputy Attorney General, specializes plan "business sense" rock temperature rarely on business have lessened, but "both want an officer, want to get rich" want to read in the hearts around the corner, once smell a business opportunity right again start broaden financial resources, "Gongsijiangu", the prosecutor’s identity as a bargaining chip for personal gain, the use of case information, work secret vigorously abuse of power, exchange of interests. Gongsibufen, Official and Business "I give money, if they have any police action, the temperature rare rock I will call the temporary closure, and other tests over again open for business." During 2011-2018, Yan Wen Han learn to accept certain if asked, to help intercede Jinghong City Public Security Bureau, a former deputy director of the police station, the school opened a certain game room is not public security organs investigated and dealt with, it has received 18 million yuan of bribes . Received commissions from the start, the temperature rare rock step by step toward corruption, falling into the abyss. In 2011, it accepted Shen Moumou of the trust, as Shen Moumou in an interview with the prosecution anti-corruption department investigation, the case to inquire into violations related staff. After that, the use of their own career and identity several times to help the family civil disputes, Shen Moumou execution of civil cases.

By 2015, the company wants to rock the temperature rarely raised its stake in the business to Shen Moumou, based Shen Moumou help get too warm rock rare, they agreed to give 10% of the dry stock. 2016-2018, rock temperature rarely illegally acquired more than 100 million dry stock dividends. When in June 2018, the organization of rock temperature rarely by letter inquiry, asking them to explain to participate in business with businessman violation intercourse situation and other issues, the rock temperature rarely deliberate, an attempt to evade supervision, did not fill out the leading cadres personal matters Report Form, in the case of business organizations to conceal the accounts of the dry stock and receive dividends, not truthful account of discipline and law-related issues to the organization. Even worse, when the rock temperature rarely feel their organizations may investigate use their years of experience in handling cases and anti-reconnaissance capabilities, and unified caliber personnel, transfer in batches, trying to hide something, fight against organized investigation.

Holding a sword law enforcement, but to break the law, breaking the law enforcement in 2016, the rock temperature is rarely inquire about the person A rock with illegal possession of narcotics case, person A rock accepting bribes of RMB 50,000 yuan; the wish of a violation, Cai et al casino case merits inform Moumou, accepting their bribes Apple brand notebook computers Taiwan; 2018, Han Wen Yan Jinghong City Public Security Bureau ordered a police inquiry and citizenship at large personnel information, and to inquire the results leaked to Liu XX criminal gang backbone …… May 2014, which is to "take the judicial process filing lose less money" as an excuse, Jinghong City Public Security Bureau police handling the case to the requirements of the rocks Person B is Tangmou not filing a case of intentional injury, resulting in Tangmou not be held criminally responsible.

"Rock Person B is my nephew, who was wounded anyway to compensate the money, the other two injured how you lose I do not care, anyway, my nephew compensation can not be low." Wen Yan Han at City Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General the identity of the people involved in the Municipal Public Security Bureau demanded.

"I sent a message to someone, a long rock Deputy Attorney General said his nephew’s case did not do a good job, then he should pack my." The case police investigators in the inquiry, said, "Because he is the Deputy Attorney General of Jinghong City People’s Procuratorate, and in charge of public prosecution, arrest, and public security business is very close, I’m afraid after my case was handled things difficult in the Procuratorate, as an ordinary police did not dare to offend him.

"Acting outside the law, act as a Mafia" umbrella "in 2019, Liu XX organized criminal gangs have been identified as, leading or participating in the crime syndicate, Tang Liu is also taking part in Mafia gangs, bribed public security organs and transferred to the prosecution, the above-mentioned crimes are prosecuted for their criminal liability.

However, as early as April 2005, Liu XX, who was Jinghong City Public Security Bureau on suspicion of intentional injury, trouble, affray, on charges of harboring transferred Jinghong City People’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution, in charge of public prosecution as a rare rock temperature Deputy Attorney General was negligent omission is Liu XX Xiao Moumou case of intentional injury when issuing process, resulting in Liu XX not be held criminally responsible. To March 2008, Liu XX allegedly because of prejudice to testify case, extortion, Xiao Moumou, who was intentional injury case transferred Jinghong City People’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution, the temperature rare rock while undergoing Lee armor and a high if asked, accepting bribes belongings.

After Liu XX cases involving complaints process will not make comments when communicated to Ren Jinghong City People’s Procuratorate Public Prosecution Section, B Lee, Lee B with contractors to discuss the case with "minor little harm" for relatively complaint, Jinghong City people’s Procuratorate final disposal of opinions and suggestions made by the public security organs taken off the case, leading to Liu XX once again not be held criminally responsible.

Looking back at the history of rock temperature rarely corruption, reduced to the point where today, its not heavy sections not tired fine line have great relevance.

"For the meeting also dealt with the study just do not understand the spirit, does not enter the brain and heart, sometimes busy with work as an excuse to avoid learning that he is a non-Party cadres, as long as not illegal on the line ……" rare in rock temperature repent He wrote. Wen often rare in the rock party colleagues to participate in organized activities that they are not party members need to learn, no organizational life, less cumbersome pieces of things. Yan Wen rare case once again shows that: official fortune two channels, an officer do not get rich, get rich, do not officer.

Official politics shall be the people-oriented, party members and cadres should always bear in mind "the official Communist politics of self-discipline is the bottom line," vigilant that it will remain the heart of the people, awe, the clear official in vain, clean work, honest man. (Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan Zhao Aerospace || Editor) (Editor: Wang Yu Ran, LIANG Qiu Ping).