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"Double 11" Jiangsu Xinrui brand rapidly rising industry band showing more toughness

Nanjing Comprehensive Bonded Area (Longtan) Cross-border E-commerce Bonded goods package area, staff are packing the goods. Our reporter Shao Dan took this year "Double 11" ended.

As of 24:00 on the same day, Tmall total transaction is 54.3 billion, Jingdong final turnover exceeded 349.1 billion. How is Jiangsu’s entity economy by "Double 11" What is the unique aspects of the economic new energy brought by "Double 11"? 35 years old, accounting for 58% of Jingdong, the exclusive data provided by the reporter. During this year, "Double 11" period, Jiangsu "purchasing power" ranked 3 in the country, and the turnover of the day increased by 65%. From the sales volume, Jiangsu consumers buy goods top5 are: household appliances, computer office, mobile phone communication, food drink, beauty skin care; year-on-year growth, the fastest TOP5 is: digital, jewelery, local life / travel travel, Home daily, fresh, visible Jiangsu consumers not only happy to add bricks in the home electronic products, but also pay attention to the strength of the value, and the consumption of Yue.

Regional consumption data shows that young users under 35 years old, accounting for 58%, new users tend to be young, the structure change of consumer crowd also makes the overall consumption market in Jiangsu grow up, delicate and energetic. From the sales situation, young people ‘s consumption fashion is taking the overall consumer market, and the demand for categories such as household appliances and electronics continues to rise. Jiangsu Hot Products Top5 is: Appleiphone13, China Gold AU9999 investment gold bars, Lenovo ThinkPadx13 thin notebook, Huawei Mate40Pro5G mobile phone, Siemens 10 kg frequency conversion washing machine.

Pay attention to and enhance the experience in life in life, all the details of clothing and food and housing are extremely optimized, and it is a reflection of Jiangsu’s consumers’ good life.

After 90, Xiao Wenjing, this year "Double 11" gave himself a big pregnancy rehabilitation instrument. She told reporters that it is busy with us, and there is no time to make an appointment to go to the hospital for rehabilitation.

The blogger who has been paying attention to this product is recommended to the live broadcast, and the findings and color values ??are in line with their purchase needs. From the perspective of consumption status in the province, the total purchasing power is: Kunshan City, Changshu City, Jiangyin City; the best purchasing power is: Yixing City, Xinghua City, Jurong City; the turnover is the same year The fast area is: Nanjing. The monitoring data of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce shows that this year’s "Double 11" time span, participating in the platform activities, links to the online line, the city has realized the network retail sales of 54.8 billion yuan, year-on-year growth, showing the consumer market Strong strength.

Industrial bands show more toughness and explosive power by "Double 11" Dongfeng, and the merchants of Jiangsu industry belt have concentrated on "return blood". Those industrial belts with high digitization show stronger toughness and explosive power. Last year, the transaction volume during the day of the Tmall "Double 11" period was in the top 10 industrial belts in the top 10 industrial belts, and the Nantong home textile industry was famous.

This year is the first "double 11" after the official unveiling of Nantong International Home Textile Industry Park.

After the integrated Nantong International Home Textile Industry Park has formed a complete home textile industry chain covering "weaving, printing, finished products, research and development, logistics", with more than 200 R & D design units, more than 350 foreign trade import and export enterprises.

This "double 11", net red belt, shop owner live, shopping guide live broadcast and other diverse network live broadcasts have emerged here. The live broadcast room has exceeded millions, the goods warehouse almost exploded, the average daily delivery has been innovated … At 4:35 pm 11, the reporter dialed Nantong Mall’s Metony Home Textile Chairman Guo Qing’s number, Guo Qing Telling reporters on the phone, I can only talk about 10 minutes, I will also hold the emergency selection conference at 6 o’clock in the evening. Recalling the e-commerce in these few years, Guo Qing sighed, around 2014 is the peak period of Taobao industry, her business is very good, a total of 11 stores. With the bursts of new industries, many merchants are also slowly structured. "For our store, the biggest breakthrough is in a new new industry, mainly in short video + live broadcast.

Up to now, there are 11 an anchor belt in the store.

"She said that consumers have age groups, and the number of treasted live broadcasts is 31 to 50 years old. Among them, 80% are female users, and Taobao shop consumers are 18 years old, 25 years old The left and right students are mainly. "In the past, all cotton four-piece sets were best, and now many of the live broadcasts need high quality long curls, AU cotton and Egyptian cotton four sets.

Guo Qing said, hoping to drive the surrounding enterprises through our own experience to lay out of the winner spinning track.

Changshu Garment City is one of the largest costumes in the country, is a 35-year-old textile and apparel industry cluster with 35 million square meters and 35 professional markets. Changshu Yueku Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Executive Directors Dan Yifeng said that 7 live rooms can be done at the same time during the "Double 11" period.

"According to more than 10 years of e-commerce experience and the resource guarantee of the upper and downstream industrial chain, it has been prepared from 10,000 pieces.

"Suzhou Cloud Plan Culture Media Co., Ltd. is a cultural communication company integrating network new media, marketing planning, e-commerce live broadcast. Currently cultivating more than a dozen anchor, mainly broadcasting live in shake, fast hand, Taobao and other platforms. Relying In Changshu Garment City supply advantages, live products are women’s clothing for different ages.

Zhao Yongping, general manager of the company, said that in the case of raw material price increase, use the location advantage, control price and live broadcast between Changshu Garment City, and give consumers’ biggest discounts. Tmall’s 23 billion digital industrial belts listed this year, the Suzhou women’s industry belt is among them.

The formation of Suzhou women’s 10 billion industrial belts is under the wind of new consumption, leverage the digital platform to construct a new productive relationship. Digital economic era, the "small single quick return" mode of the apparel industry, allowing the industry average inventory rate to 10% within 10%.

At the end of last month, Suzhou, called "The First Share of Amoy", is listed in Suzhou. The annual sales of more than 100 million yuan in the women’s goods, although he insists that the "Double 11" period is not discounted, "Double 11", the number of live broadcasts, the boss, personally played as an anchor.

It is reported that in the past three years, the company has an average number of new models in the original design of the original design, attracting many backbone. This year, "Double 11", AliExpress China Industrial Zone Overseas Hot List TOP10, Nantong Tools, Suzhou Cleaning Electric simultaneously listed in the list. Small and medium-sized new brand sales realize leap-forward growth consumption, the change in supply has brought chemical reactions. This year’s "Double 11" is no longer only a big game.

From the data from each platform, the sales volume of small and medium-sized brands has achieved leap growth.

In Jingdong, the number of new number of small and medium-sized brands participating in "Double 11" increased by 4 times. The head of the ASUS Zhi Delica store said that the hot "completely did not expect" at 8 o’clock "," I just arrived at 8 o’clock and the sales will take a flight, less than 1 hour inventory, many products did not stick to 0 points Sold out.

It is currently being replenished. "Similarly, this year’s cat" Double 11 ", there is also a group of small and medium-sized brands to achieve leapfrogging growth.

As of 0:45 on November 11, 411 have passed the small and medium-sized brands last year, and this year’s sales exceeded 10 million; more than 40 years of "double 11" turnover thousands of brands, this year "Double 11" turnover has broken through 100 million yuan. The sales volume of the original designer bag brand Gu Liang Giji also exceeded the founder’s Guoliang’s expectations. "This year is expected to sell 70,000 packages, which is equivalent to 3 times last year!" He said, "Double 11" also drives The development of partners.

"As the beauty consumption is refined, personalized, the new brand is highly efficient, cost-effective, etc. The domestic cosmetics brand "By this year" is the third year to participate in the "Double 11", and the joint founder Shen Dong came to call: "Sales are too crazy! "Jiangsu Jinshi Household Textile Co., Ltd. passed the 60th four-piece series of production through the in-depth cooperation with Jingdong’s own brands, the initial sales of" Double 11 "this year increased by 1766% year-on-year. Another new sleep product, with a new sleep product Water washing, no bacterial, breathable product characteristics, "Double 11" period increased by 200%.

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